Filling the gap in the dental work force

 Registered Dental Practitioners: New jobs for Kansas

Kansas is facing a serious shortage in the dental work force. Registered Dental Practitioners are a cost-effective, business-minded solution to this problem. By approving Registered Dental Practitioners to work in Kansas, we can:
  • Grow businesses and create jobs 
  • Ensure healthy Kansans 
  • Save money 
What is a Registered Dental Practitioner? RDPs will be dental hygienists who obtain advanced education and training. They will provide routine and preventive care – like cleanings, fillings and some extractions. RDPs will work in dental offices, safety-net clinics and community settings, such as nursing homes and schools. RDPs will always work under the direction of a dentist. Other states – and 52 other countries – are addressing dental workforce shortages by utilizing mid-level dental providers. Every study conducted on providers like RDPs shows they provide safe, quality care to patients.